Cyborg Experiments - Snowapple

Production : Snowapple Collective

This photographic series accompanies Snowapple’s “Cyborg experiments” in 2023 : www.snowapple.nl.

These images are inspired by and pay homage to the work of Irving Penn.

Shot in digital medium format – Cyanotype print

Believe (Underway)

Director : S.P.

Portrait of Burak; beyond the artisan carpenter and antique dealer of the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul – Turkey, a man keeping his eyes opened and turned towards other beings.


Director : S. P.
Composer : Milena Medu

“Don’t support art. Support the artist. It’s she that is perishing.”

“Cross my heart and hope to freeze
I was gonna make you disagree
I swear it on my goodwill, the way I see it
I was gonna make it disappear

Playing it safe, yet at my wit’s end
Over and over adrift
I swear it on my heart, and say it as-is
That was gonna make me miss a beat

And I said what I said
Tease as I might
I’ve seen a premonition glimpse I surmised

And I said what I said
Tease as you like
I’ve seen it in a premonition glimpse, I’ll survive”