Nominee & Awards : 
Official selection – Young Audience Clermont-Ferrand 2024
Award “Prix Scolaires” (school award) at “Il paraît qu’eux” festival 2024

American Boy

Director : Maxime Renard
Production : Le G.R.E.C. 

Malik spends his days trying to stave off boredom and to get attention from others. One day, he attracts some guys’ attention with a lie: he says he’s going to the USA to study cinema. The news quickly goes around the neighbourhood and Malik suddenly becomes everyone’s hope and pride.

Malik : Bilel Chegrani
Asma : Mariel-Louise Compain
Moussa : Diong Keba Tacu
Djibril : Chris Biandionga
Ousama : Ali Lafleur
Sami : Mourad Zamouri
Fatima : Marie-José Segarra

Runtime : 23 min

De la folie des hamsters

Director : Juliette Marrécau
Production : Le G.R.E.C.

Leaving her father and childhood home behind, the idealistic and awkward Inès does everything she can to convince her sister to keep her in her small Parisian apartment. Lonely and at a loss, she befriends a hamster that keeps going round and round in circles…

Inès : Anaelle Fournier
Anaïs : Juliette Savary
Le Père : Didier Sauvegrain
Élise :  Marine Gramond
Anis : Anis Mansour

Runtime : 40 min

Nominee at :
César 2024 short-film, official selection 
Entrevues festival du film de Belfort (2022)
Short Film Corner / Cannes (2022)
Festival du moyen métrage de Brive (2022)

Nominee at :
Festival International du Film de Comédie de Liège 2020 – Official competition
FICAL Almeria en Corto 2020 – Official competition
Festival du court métrage d’humour de Meudon 2020 – Courts de Coeur
Festival Un Poing c’est Court 2021

Le Temps des cerises

Director : Arthur Jeanroy
Production : Ante Bellum Films

Everything is ready. The purple chair beside the blossoming cherry tree. The camera. The framing. The light. It’s perfect. For Robert there is just one problem : Madeleine, his fiancée, who is sitting right in front of the camera with nothing but a T-shirt. And when he tries to convince her to dress up, an old lady arrives with some cherries from her garden.

Madeleine : Solène Salvat
La neighbor : Catherine Giron

Runtime : 8 min

Nearby Memories

Director: Pauline Moreau
Production: All in One Production & Skywatcher Pictures

Olivia embarks on a tumultuous boat trip filled with distant memories in an attempt to find her place in the world. Within this trip flows a daring question, wouldn’t the land of her ancestors hold the answers to her existential crisis ?

Olivia: Sasha Hékimian
Gabriel: Padrig Vion
The Soldier: David Clavel
The Woman: Morgane Goaziou
The Bartender: Benoit Bouvet
The Boatman: Bryan Henche

Runtime: 15 min

Aval sus la montanha

Director: Céleste Galliot-Dollet

On the side of a cold mountain, in a house enclosed by the forest, live Marcèl, a a gruff and not very talkative man,and Jeanne, his daughter in her twenties. Immersed in the monotony of her daily tasks, Jeanne discovers a corpse buried in the earth. Seduced by this foreign body, she is introduced to a world where her life is no longer governed by the rules set by her father.

Jeanne: Jeanne Rocabert
Marcèl: Michel Tauvignac
The Boy: Félicien Liège
The Woman: Adélia Ferreira

Runtime: 42 min


Director: Clément Clareton

 Zoe and Arielle are talking in the parking lot of the restaurant where they work. That’s when Zoe sees Zed, a mysterious man watching them from his Mustang…

Zoe: Lou Canaud
Arielle: Claire Duchêne
Zed: Alexandre Nguyen

Runtime: 12 min

The escape

Director: Morgane Maurel

It’s summer in a small country town. Nina and Manon just graduated high school. Nina turns 18 today. His father and brother are absent. Nina is fed up with this gloomy life, she knows that this world is not for her, but there is Manon, her not-so-feral friend, whom she loves indefinitely. Nina discovers that a strange passage exists somewhere in the forest near her home. She’s attracted to it and that night she might take the step…

Nina: Calypso Buijtenhuijs
Manon: Leïla Macaire
Théodore: Lucas Rastoll

Runtime: 14 min

The Mosaic Child

Director: Louis Paul

Luka, a seven-year-old boy, is brought by his mother to a great-aunt’s funeral in an old apartment. He’s lonely and bored at this ceremony where he doesn’t really have a place. The arrival of his cousin Lisa allows him to play and, through that, to express his feelings about the situation.

Runtime: 13 min

Great Filthy Snuff Apocalypse

Director: Athalia Cailloux

Runtime: 11 min

A Clown

Director: Aurélia Raoull

Runtime: 11 min


Director: Charles Lesur

Runtime: 2 min


Director: Pierrick Roland

Runtime: 17 min